Agrimony Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses


Scientific Name: Agrimonia eupatoria

Common Names: Common agrimony. Church Steeples. Cockeburr. Sticklewort. Philanthropos

Properties: Anti-cancer, Antidepressant, Purgative, Analgesic, Emetic, Anti-anxiety

What is Agrimony?

Agrimony is the Agrimonia eupatoria plant, a medicinal plant belonging to the Rose family native to Europe and Northern Africa. Several plant parts are used for various purposes, including an herbal tea and tonic made from the plant’s dried flowers, leaves and stems.1

Agrimony Health Uses and Health Benefits

Agrimony has several beneficial properties including being a natural astringent and antioxidant with anti-inflammatory and pain-killing health benefits. Agrimony is a multi-purpose herb, helping with conditions like arthritis, Crohn’s disease and heart disease. As an antioxidant, agrimony also helps prevent oxidative stress, protecting the body against chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes. Traditionally, agrimony has also been a diarrhea and liver disease treatment.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Agrimony for:

Depression Effective
Diabetes Effective
Type 2 Diabetes Effective
Alcoholism Effective
Cancer Effective
Crohn's Disease Effective
Drug Abuse Effective
Diarrhea Effective
Gastric Cancer Effective