Chirayata Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses


Scientific Name: Swertia chirayaita

Common Names: Swertia, Swertia chirayita, Swertia chirata

Properties: Antibacterial, Anti-cancer, Anti-microbial, Expectorant, Anti-asthmatic

What is Chirayata?

Chirayata is the Swertia chirayita plant, a traditional Ayurvedic herb native to East Asia, particularly the Himalayas. The whole plant is used in traditional herbal medicine, including decoctions made from the chirayata roots.1

Chirayata Health Uses and Health Benefits

Chirayata has been used traditionally in many ways, but most commonly it is used due to its antimalarial and anti-inflammatory health benefits. Traditionally, chirayata remedies have been for expelling intestinal worms and parasites. It's also used for relieving constipation, diarrhea and gastritis, and for healing the liver. Chiarayta has shown to be effective in fighting the hepatitis B virus. Chirayata has also been used to help reverse anemia and ease asthma and bronchitis.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Chirayata for:

Malaria Effective
Anemia Effective
Asthma Effective
Parasitic Disease Effective
Wounds Effective
Diarrhea Effective
Vomiting Effective
Hiccup Effective