Coconut Flour Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Coconut Flour

Scientific Name: Cocos nucifera

Properties: Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, Antioxidant, Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory, Nutritive, Immune stimulant, Superfood

What is Coconut Flour?

Coconut flour is the ground, powdered version of dried coconut meat, the solid content of mature coconuts. As a gluten-free food, coconut flour is often used as a substitute for wheat flour in baking and cooking.1

Coconut Flour Health Uses and Health Benefits

Coconut flour health benefits come from its nutrition content as it’s high in protein and fiber. The fiber content in coconut flour is good for maintaining healthy and regular digestion. Its also good for heart health, as high fiber foods can help reduce bad cholesterol levels. Coconut flour also contains healthy fats and is low on the glycemic index, making it a good food for a diabetic diet.1



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Coconut Flour for:

Anemia Effective
Diabetes Effective
Yeast Infection Effective
Candidiasis Effective
Weight Loss Effective
Leaky Gut Syndrome Effective