Codonopsis Root Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Codonopsis Root

Scientific Name: Codonopsis pilosula

Common Names: Bastard Ginseng, Bellflower, Bonnet Bellflower, Codonopsis tangshen, Codonopsis tubulosa, Dangshen, Radix Codonopsis.

Properties: Immune system booster, Adaptogenic, Analgesic, Aphrodisiac

What is Codonopsis Root?

Codonopsis root is the root of the Codonopsis pilosula plant, native to Northeast Asia. Known in Traditional Chinese Medicine as Dang Shen, Codonopsis root is used with ginseng to create a health tonic formula.1,2

Codonopsis Root Health Uses and Health Benefits

Codonopsis root’s health benefits include boosting the immune system, stimulating appetite and improving cognitive function. Codonopsis root has shown to help reduce blood pressure and help alleviate anxiety and improve sleep quality. Codonopsis root also helps aid in digestive health by reducing inflammation, healing ulcers and treating gastritis. In traditional Chinese Medicine, Codonopsis is also used to treat conditions of the spleen and lungs.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Codonopsis Root for:

Gastritis Effective
Indigestion Effective
Peptic Ulcer Effective
Stress Effective
AIDS (HIV) Effective
Diabetes Effective
Liver Disease Effective