Coffee (Decaffeinated ) Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Coffee (Decaffeinated )

Scientific Name: Coffea

Properties: Antioxidant, Anti-ageing, Anti-inflammatory, Antiglycemic (Antidiabetic)

What is Coffee (Decaffeinated )?

Decaffeinated coffee, or decaf coffee, comes from the coffee bean that has had most of the caffeine content removed from it. This uses a process that involves a water and CO2 extraction method for removing the caffeine substances.1

Coffee (Decaffeinated ) Health Uses and Health Benefits

One of the main benefits of decaf coffee is that it’s a good supplement for people who have caffeine sensitivities. People sensitive to caffeine can experience anxiety, elevated heart rate and headaches from caffeine. Studies have shown that drinking decaf coffee can reduce the risk of diabetes and heart disease mortality, protect liver health and improve cognitive function. The antioxidants in decaf coffee also help to protect against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.1,2,3



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Coffee (Decaffeinated ) for:

Diabetes Effective
Heat Stroke Effective
Triglycerides Effective
Prostatitis Effective