Cotton Root Bark Extract Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Cotton Root Bark Extract

Properties: Anti-inflammatory, Anthelmintic, Emollient, Antirheumatic, Antidiarrheal, Abortifacient, Anti-anxiety, Aphrodisiac

What is Cotton Root Bark Extract?

Cotton root bark extract is an extract made from the root bark of the cotton plant, Gossypium herbaceum. Cotton is native to Asia and Africa but today grows in the United States and Europe.1 

Cotton Root Bark Extract Health Uses and Health Benefits

Cotton root bark extract has been used in herbal medicine and is typically considered a “female medicine”. It was used to treat menstrual bleeding or irregular periods and menopause symptoms. Chewing on cotton root bark was also used as a remedy for erectile dysfunction and to stimulate sex drive. Cotton root bark extract also had health benefits for treating bites, wounds, fever and dysentery.1



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Cotton Root Bark Extract for:

Menopause Symptoms Effective
Menstrual Problems Effective
Fever Effective
Dysentery Effective