Cowslip Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses


Scientific Name: Primula veris

Common Names: Slippery, Boggy Ground, Cuy Lippe, Herb Peter, Paigle, Peggle, Key Flower, Key of Heaven, Fairy Cups, Petty Mulleins, Crewel, Buckles, Palsywort, Plumrocks, Tittypines

Properties: Detoxifier, Immune system booster, Anti-ageing, Pain reliever, Sedative, Antispasmodic, Expectorant, Anti-allergenic, Anti-coagulant

What is Cowslip?

Cowslip, also known by its botanical name Primula veris, is a wildflower from the primrose family. Cowslip blooms in the spring, producing yellow flowers with a pleasant fragrance. The name cowslip comes from it being a plant that commonly grows in cow pastures and within wetlands like riverbanks and marshes.1

Native to Europe and Asia but naturalized in North America, cowslip has known medicinal properties that make it a traditional herbal remedy for vitality and health. In herbal medicine, virtually all of the plant is used, including the flower, leaves and roots.1,2
Cowslip Health Uses and Health Benefits

Cowslip health benefits are attributed to its natural plant nutritional elements as well as its phytochemicals. Cowslip contains minerals like potassium and calcium, as well as vitamin C. It’s also rich in disease-preventing substances like flavonoids and beta-carotene.2

Traditionally, cowslip uses were for a mild sedative, helping to calm nerves, improve brain function and prevent restlessness and insomnia. Cowslip has also been reported to be a traditional home remedy for headaches and migraines. In addition to calming nerves, cowslip can also help reduce spasmodic nerves such as with palsy or other nervous conditions.1,2

Cowslip uses also include being a natural decongestant, helping to clear mucus and improve breathing. Other cowslip benefits include:

  • Hydrating skin
  • Promoting longevity
  • Relieving pain
  • Boosting immune system function



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Cowslip for:

Acne Effective
Cold (Common Cold) Effective
Asthma Effective
Bronchitis Effective
Cough Effective
Epilepsy Effective
Flu (Influenza) Effective
Migraine Effective
Pneumonia Effective
Toothache Effective
Kidney Failure Effective
Wounds Effective
Kidney Disease Effective