Curculigo Orchioides Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Curculigo Orchioides

Scientific Name: Curculigo orchioides

Common Names: Kali Musli

Properties: Diuretic, Immune system booster, Antiglycemic (Antidiabetic), Emollient, Carminative, Tonic, Antipyretic, Anti-asthmatic, Aphrodisiac

What is Curculigo Orchioides?

Curculigo orchioides is a small perennial herb also known more commonly by the names Kali Musli and golden eye-grass. Native to India, curculigo orchioides is an important healing herb in Ayurveda—the traditional medicine system of India. Curculigo orchioides also appears in Traditional Chinese Medicine by the name Xian Mao.

Curculigo orchioides also grow abundantly throughout China, Nepal and Japan. These plants grow primarily in mountains and grasslands. They produce bright yellow flowers and long roots. The herb is used primarily for its rhizome as this is what contains the beneficial substances for health.1

Curculigo Orchioides Health Uses and Health Benefits

Curculigo orchioides health benefits are primarily known to be a natural testosterone enhancer. In Ayurveda, these herbs have been used as an aphrodisiac to stimulate sex drive and treat impotence. Similar uses have occurred in China, where it has been used to treat impotence as well as urinary incontinence, abdominal pain and menstrual pains, and menopause symptoms.2,3

Curculigo orchioides are rich in many phytochemicals that make it also a tonifying and detoxifying tonic. Traditional, medicinal healers have provided curculigo orchioides as a healing tonic for several diseases including anything relating to the kidneys, liver, skin and bones.2

Other general curculigo orchioides health benefits include fighting inflammation, boosting the immune system and preventing diarrhea.3




CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Curculigo Orchioides for:

Poor Appetite Effective
Itching Effective
Indigestion Effective
Cough Effective
Asthma Effective
Cancer Effective
Diabetes Effective
Gonorrhea Effective
Syphilis Effective