Fumitory Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses


Scientific Name: Fumaria officinalis

Common Names: Earth smoke, ivyHedge fumitory, ivyScabweed

Properties: Diuretic, Laxative, Tonic, Liver stimulant

What is Fumitory?

Fumitory is a genus of plant used in natural medicine. Known by its botanical name of Fumaria officinalis, fumitory is also called Earth Smoke, vapor and beggary. There are roughly 60 species of fumitory plant. Fumitory is native to Europe, including England where it is considered a weed. Fumitory also grows throughout parts of Asia, South Africa, Australia and North America.1,2

Fumitory is a climbing plant that grows up to 3 feet tall. It produces lacey leaves with pink and white tubular flowers that grow in a spike shape. The fumitory plant has a whitish and dark blue-green color that gives the resemblance of smoke rising from the ground. This is how it got its name related to smoke.1,2

Traditionally, fumitory leaves were dried and burned because it was believed the smoke could be used to expel evil spirits. Today, the leaves, flowers and stems are all used to make fumitory natural remedies to help heal a variety of conditions.1

Fumitory Health Uses and Health Benefits

The dried fumitory herb is often made into a tonic used for expelling toxins from the body and boosting vitality. Fumitory health benefits include being a tonic for cleansing the liver, intestines and blood.1

Another common fumitory use is for its diuretic benefits. Fumitory also has anti-spasmodic benefits, meaning it can help to treat stomach and muscle spasms. Fumitory benefits are also important for digestive health, bile production and treating skin conditions.1,3

Fumitory uses include being a natural remedy for treating the following conditions:

  • Acne - Fumitory is a natural tonic for improving skin health, including treating acne.
  • Heart Disease - Traditional fumitory uses include being a remedy for stimulating heart health and preventing heart disease.
  • Constipation - Fumitory benefits for digestion can help to stop and prevent constipation. 
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Fumitory can help to reduce irritable bowel syndrome symptoms such as bloating, cramping and gas. 
  • Liver Disease - Fumitory is a natural tonic that helps to cleanse the liver by eliminating toxins. This can help to treat several types of liver diseases. 


Fumitory Side Effects and Precautions

Fumitory side effects can include convulsions and trembling when taken in large quantities by mouth. It isn’t known if fumitory is safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Consult a qualified herbalist before taking fumitory for any condition.4




CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Fumitory for:

Acne Effective
Heart Disease Effective
Constipation Effective
Liver Disease Effective
Kidney Disease Effective