Garlic Oil and Aloe Vera Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Garlic Oil and Aloe Vera

Properties: Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, Healing

What is Garlic Oil and Aloe Vera?

Garlic oil and aloe vera oil is a home remedy that combines the oil extract of the garlic and aloe plants. These oils can be combined to be applied topically or taken internally depending on the condition being treated.

Garlic Oil and Aloe Vera Gel Health Uses and Health Benefits

Garlic oil and aloe vera oil each have their own health benefits and when combined can be a versatile remedy for reducing inflammation, killing bacterial or viral infections and boosting immune system health. Applying garlic and aloe oils topically can help alleviate eczema and psoriasis. Taken it internally can help improve immune system function against infections like influenza and sinusitis.1,2,3



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Garlic Oil and Aloe Vera for:

Psoriasis Effective
Flu (Influenza) Effective
Dementia Effective
Lose Weight Effective