Ginger Tea Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Ginger Tea

Scientific Name: Zingiber officinale

Properties: Immune system booster, Anti-inflammatory, Digestive stimulant, Cholesterol-lowering

What is Ginger Tea?

Made either by peeling and slicing the fresh root of the Ginger plant into boiling water, or by steeping a pre made satchel of ginger tea bags in steaming water, Ginger Tea health benefits are wide and varied, and its plentiful remedies are commonly used around the globe. The plant itself is a year round tuber root that is a native of Asia. With its global popularity, is it now grown as far as the Caribbean, and Africa. In fact, Ginger Tea is one of the most widely used herbal remedies in the world2.

Ginger Tea Uses and Health Benefits

Ginger Tea health benefits span as far back as thousands of years, and Ginger Tea benefits include everything from treating the common cold, joint pain relief, to alleviating digestive distress, and promoting a healthy heart. Ginger Tea weight loss treatments are also well known for their effectiveness. Let’s take closer look at a few additional Ginger Tea health benefits.

  • Acid Reflux & Nausea - Ginger Tea benefits the entire gastrointestinal tract by reducing inflammation, eliminating nausea, and by improving digestion. To take advantage of these Ginger Tea benefits for acid reflux, sip a fresh cup of ginger tea for 20 minutes before consuming a meal. The tea will calm your stomach and will act as an acid buffer3.
  • Motion Sickness - Ginger Tea benefits also extend to being a strong source of relief from motion sickness. In fact, medical professionals cite Ginger as being more effective than Dramamine for motion related nausea and discomfort. They go on to further note that Ginger Tea does not cause drowsiness like it’s drug counterpart is known to do4.
  • Pregnancy- Ginger Tea pregnancy treatments are much appreciated natural marvels for calming the stomach during first trimester morning sickness and nausea5. Though Ginger Tea pregnancy relief is widely used, mothers to be are cautioned not to overdo it as it may alter your appetite and your food choices, and can potentially have an affect on levels of ingested dietary nutrients6.
  • Bronchitis & Cough- Though bronchitis is notoriously difficult to treat, Ginger Tea benefits those suffering the ailment with significant healing. It also assists with any symptoms of colds, coughs, and influenza that may arise5.
  • Weight Loss- Ginger Tea weight loss protocols call for mixing the proceeds of the root along with fresh squeezed lemon juice. Ginger Tea weight loss aids work by functioning as an appetite suppressant and by increasing the body’s fat burning abilities7.

Ginger Tea Side Effects and Precautions

The majority of individuals may not experience any Ginger Tea side effects at all. When Ginger Tea side effects do appear, they are typically in the form of diarrhea, heartburn, or mouth irritation1. It is also noted that Ginger tea pregnancy treatments should always be supervised by a physician.



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CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Ginger Tea for:

Acid Reflux Highly effective
Nausea Effective See comments
Morning Sickness Effective
Motion Sickness Effective
Lymphedema Effective
Cough Effective See comments
Overweight Effective
Neck Pain Effective
Cold (Common Cold) Effective
Upset Stomach Effective
Migraine Effective
Indigestion Effective
Chronic Mucus Effective
Menstrual Problems Effective
Joint Pain Effective
Muscle Fatigue Effective
Tennis Elbow Effective
Hypothyroidism Effective
Vertigo Effective
Eating Disorder Effective