Green Cardamom Seeds Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Green Cardamom Seeds

Scientific Name: Elettaria cardamomum

Common Names: Cardamom, malabar cardamom, ceylon cardamom

Properties: Antidepressant, Detoxifier, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, Antispasmodic, Blood circulation, Digestive aid, Anti-asthmatic

What is Green Cardamom Seeds?

Cardamom is a common Indian spice used in cooking. Cardamom has a sweet, floral flavor and aroma often associated with a fresh sensation. Green cardamom is one of three types of cardamom spices. The other two types are black and Madagascar. Green cardamom is the type that’s most commonly used in cooking. 

Green Cardamom Seeds Health Uses and Health Benefits

Green cardamom seeds have important benefits for health and overall wellness. Cardamom benefits come from its natural phytonutrient substances, which provide nutrition and healing properties. Green cardamom seeds are high in manganese—an important mineral for building bone mass and connective tissues.1,2

Green cardamom seeds are traditionally used as a natural breath freshener and can kill bacteria that cause cavities and lead to tooth decay.1

Green cardamom seeds have also been studied for their benefits in protecting against cancer and helping to stop cancer growth, primarily with skin cancer. Green cardamom seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to defend against the development of colon cancer. 1

Green cardamom seeds can also be taken to help reduce blood pressure, which can prevent against various heart diseases. Green cardamom seeds have additional benefits for regulating blood sugar levels, and can be used as a diabetes-management remedy.1

In Ayurvedic Indian medicine, green cardamom seeds are also used to remedy a variety of stomach ailments such as aches and bloating.1




CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Green Cardamom Seeds for:

Schizophrenia Effective
Diabetes Effective
Toothache Effective
Acidity Effective
Weight Loss Effective