Guava Juice Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Guava Juice

Properties: Anti-cancer, Antioxidant, Antiglycemic (Antidiabetic), Digestive aid, Cholesterol-lowering

What is Guava Juice?

Guava juice is the juice extracted from the guava fruit—a tropical fruit native to Central America and Mexico. The juice is made from the guava fruit’s pink or red flesh. Guava juice has a sweet and delicious flavor and makes for a refreshing and healthy drink.

Guava Juice Health Uses and Health Benefits

Guava juice has several health benefits but is well-known for its high content of fiber. Guava serves as a functional food in protecting digestive health and preventing colon cancer. Consuming fiber is essential in bulking up stool and eliminating toxins from the digestive tract. Research has also shown that guava juice is good for regulating blood sugar levels, making it functional for diabetes management.1



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Guava Juice for:

Diarrhea Effective
Cancer Effective
Indigestion Effective
Obesity Effective
Prostate Cancer Effective
Improve Appetite Effective
Dysentery Effective
Eyesight Loss Effective