Lemon Oil Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Lemon Oil

Scientific Name: Citrus × limon

Common Names: Citrus limon, lemon, citron

Properties: Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, Diuretic, Detoxifier, Laxative, Antiseptic, Astringent, Antirheumatic

What is Lemon Oil?

Lemon oil is the essential oil extract from the lemon fruit. Lemon oil is a versatile product. It’s a common ingredient added to cleaning solutions, cosmetics, body care products and more. It’s also a common essential oil used in aromatherapy for providing many health benefits. 

In Ayurveda—the traditional Indian medicine system—lemon oil is a standard remedy for a variety of ailments. In addition to being an aromatherapy oil, lemon oil can also be used as a topical massage oil for treating certain skin conditions.

Lemon Oil Health Uses and Health Benefits

Many of the same health benefits that lemons offer are also packed into lemon oil. The potent essential oil extract from lemons can help to stimulate alertness and energy levels. The citrus aroma of lemon oil helps to activate neural activity, which boosts energy. In aromatherapy, lemon oil is considered a remedy for elevating mood by alleviating depression.1

Lemon oil also has natural cleansing and purifying benefits making it a natural remedy for treating oral health problems and improving skin health. As a natural soothing substance, lemon oil is also commonly taken for coughs and sore throats and for easing stomach cramps and nausea. Similarly, another use for lemon oil is for helping to improve digestion by alleviating upset stomach and diarrhea.1

Like lemon juice, lemon oil can also be taken to help give the immune system a boost, helping to fight off colds and flu. Breathing in lemon oil aromatherapy can also help to clear congestion and improve asthma.2




CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Lemon Oil for:

Sore Throat Effective
Stress Effective
Asthma Effective
Bronchitis Effective
Cancer Effective
Colic Effective