Lentil Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses


Scientific Name: Lens culinaris

Common Names: Lentils, Adas, Mercimek, Messer, Masser, heramame

Properties: Anti-ageing, Nutritive, Digestive stimulant, Superfood, Cholesterol-lowering

What is Lentil?

Lentils are a legume that come in a variety of sizes and colors. Like chickpeas, lentils have a somewhat nutty flavor and are often cooked as a soup with lots of spices and other flavorings. Though lentils originated in Asia, they’re becoming a popular food around the world because they are versatile and easy to cook with.1

Lentil Health Uses and Health Benefits

Being a highly nutritious legume, lentils offer many benefits for combatting nutritional deficiencies, preventing disease and managing weight and overall health levels. Often considered a superfood, lentils also contain dozens of vitamins and minerals, including a rich content of folate—a vitamin essential for women during pregnancy.2

Lentils are high in dietary fiber, an essential nutritional element responsible for digestive health and preventing against many digestive diseases and cancers. Considered an alkaline food, lentils also help manage the body’s pH levels, which maintains a healthy environment for gut bacteria. Lentils are also a good source of plant protein, making them a healthy alternative for vegans and vegetarians.1,2

Lentils have been studied for their high soluble fiber content, which reduces bad cholesterol levels and prevents against heart diseases. One study found that eating a diet high in lentils, reduced the risk of heart disease by 82%. Lentils are also low in sodium, which is critical for protecting the heart against high blood pressure.1

Another important health benefit of lentils is their association with lowered blood sugar levels. Lentils help slow down digestion, preventing spikes in blood sugar and making them a great dietary addition for people managing type 2 diabetes.2




CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Lentil for:

Anemia Effective
Birth Defect Effective
Overweight Effective
Homocystinuria Effective
Heart Disease Effective
Weight Loss Effective