Morinda Root Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Morinda Root

Scientific Name: Morinda citrifolia

Common Names: noni, guanábana cimarrona, ?Indian mulberry, great morinda

Properties: Antidepressant, Immune system booster, Anti-ageing, Laxative, Sedative, Superfood, Memory booster

What is Morinda Root?

Morinda root is the root from the Morinda citrifolia plant, also known as Noni or Indian mulberry. Morinda root has long been used in traditional medicines in Southeastern Asia and Polynesia. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Morinda root is known as Ba Ji Tian.1,2

Morinda Root Health Uses and Health Benefits

Morinda root’s primary health benefits include being a natural antibiotic and antioxidant remedy. Juice made from morinda root and other plant parts has been used as a traditional cure for various diseases including cancer and HIV. In Chinese medicine, Morinda root is used to treat diseases of the kidneys as well as for reducing inflammation, joint pain and fever.1,2,3



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Morinda Root for:

Joint Pain Effective
Kidney Stone Effective
Prostate Cancer Effective
Arthritis Effective
Muscle Cramps Effective
Tuberculosis Effective
Infertility Effective
Menstrual Problems Effective
Muscle Fatigue Effective