Paprika Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses


Scientific Name: Capsicum annuum

Common Names: Capsicum

Properties: Antibiotic, Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Analgesic, Sleep aid

What is Paprika?

Paprika is an orange or red culinary spice made from a variety of pepper vegetables. Paprika is a finely ground spice, consisting of sources such as sweet bell peppers, cayenne peppers and chili peppers. Paprika originated in Mexico and is now used all over the world.1,2

Paprika Health Uses and Health Benefits

Paprika is high in antioxidant content, making it a natural remedy for disease prevention. Research also suggests that paprika that contains capsaicin from chili peppers may be useful in managing autoimmune diseases, such as celiac disease, by preventing the body from attacking itself. Paprika is also believed to be a natural blood-sugar regulator good for managing diabetes.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Paprika for:

Anemia Effective
Acne Effective
Cancer Effective
Diabetes Effective
Stress Effective