Puncture Vine Fruit Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Puncture Vine Fruit

Scientific Name: Tribulus terrestris

Common Names: Puncturevine, Tribulus, Bindii, Gokshura

Properties: Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, Diuretic, Anti-ageing, Anti-inflammatory

What is Puncture Vine Fruit?

Puncture vine fruit comes from the puncture vine plant, Tribulus terrestris. The fruit is a hard nutlet covered in 2-4 spikes resembling horns. The puncture vine fruits are harvested for medicine and many other uses.1,2

Puncture Vine Fruit Health Uses and Health Benefits

Puncture vine fruits have been traditionally used to treat low libido. Puncture vine fruits naturally raise testosterone levels, which helps remedy erectile dysfunction. Puncture vine fruit is also useful in preventing heart disease as it has natural cholesterol-lowering benefits. It helps to strengthen the heart muscle and reduce the risk of developing chest pain (angina). Eating puncture vine fruit also helps to promote healthy urination and prevent water retention.1,2




CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Puncture Vine Fruit for:

Kidney Stone Effective
Ovarian Cyst Effective