Red Bush Tea Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Red Bush Tea

Scientific Name: Aspalathus linearis

Common Names: Rooibos,

Properties: Hypoglycemic, Antioxidant, Immune system booster

What is Red Bush Tea?

Red bush tea is also known as rooibos tea. It comes from the Aspalathus lineari plant, a short shrub native to South Africa called the rooibos plant in Afrikaans. Red bush tea is made from the oxidized leaves of the rooibos plant.1

Red Bush Tea Health Uses and Health Benefits

Red bush tea contains high levels of antioxidant compounds that also offer anti-inflammatory health benefits. These compounds in red bush tea help to protect the body against damage that creates chronic disease like heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Red bush tea also has benefits for treating allergies and asthma. The manganese, fluoride and calcium content in red bush tea also helps to produce strong bones.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Red Bush Tea for:

Asthma Effective
Diabetes Effective
Headache Effective
Heart Disease Effective
Indigestion Effective
Obesity Effective