Red Pepper Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Red Pepper

Scientific Name: Capsicum annum

Common Names: Red Peppers, Red Bell Peppers, Bell Pepper

Properties: Anti-cancer, Antioxidant, Detoxifier, Immune system booster, Superfood, Eye support

What is Red Pepper?

Red pepper is the red bell pepper plant, a red, bell-shaped pepper from the genus called capsicum annum. Red peppers originate from South America but are grown all over the world today and are a very popular vegetable in cooking because of their nutritional benefits.1

Red Pepper Health Uses and Health Benefits

Red pepper is a highly nutritious food rich in vitamins A, B and C. Red peppers are considered a good food for weight management because they are low in calories but high in nutrition. Red peppers are also a good food for heart disease prevention because of their antioxidant effects that help support heart health. Antioxidants in red peppers are also helpful in reducing the risk of cancer and boosting the immune system.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Red Pepper for:

Anemia Effective
Breast Cancer Effective
Cancer Effective
Lung Cancer Effective
Obesity Effective
Prostate Cancer Effective
Stomach Cancer Effective
Stress Effective
Eyesight Loss Effective
Scurvy Effective