Retinol Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses


Scientific Name: Vitamin A

Common Names: Vitamin A

Properties: Anti-cancer, Antioxidant, Anti-ageing, Immune stimulant

What is Retinol?

Retinol is the active or pre-formed form of vitamin A and it is the form that is usable by the body. Retinol comes from animal-based foods. It’s critical to get enough retinol intake in order to prevent nutritional deficiencies.1

Retinol Health Uses and Health Benefits

Retinol, or vitamin A, has important health benefits for ensuring proper body functions. Retinol is an important substance for proper vision development, including preventing night blindness. Sufficient levels of retinol are also essential for immune system function, as a deficiency can increase the risk of developing infections. Retinol also contributes to skin health, including helping to heal acne and reduce signs of aging.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Retinol for:

Cervical Cancer Effective
Psoriasis Effective
Acne Effective
Breast Cancer Effective
Cancer Effective
Kidney Stone Effective
Wrinkles Effective
Wounds Effective
Eyesight Loss Effective