Root of The Holy Ghost Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Root of The Holy Ghost

Scientific Name: Angelica archangelica

Common Names: Angelica

Properties: Anti-cancer, Anti-microbial, Tonic, Expectorant, Stimulant

What is Root of The Holy Ghost?

Root of the holy ghost is the Angelica archangelica plant, also known as angelica or wild celery. It grows throughout Europe and Asia and across the Northern Hemisphere. Root of the holy ghost is a small perennial herb that produces green-wite flowers.1,2 

Root of the Holy Ghost Health Uses and Health Benefits

Root of the holy ghost contains several plant compounds that have medicinal properties such as being a stimulant and an expectorant—a substance that encourages the opening of air passages. Traditionally, root of the holy ghost has benefits for treating asthma and other respiratory conditions. Root of the holy ghost can also be used as a tonic for hair and skin health as well as for promoting digestive health.2,3



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Root of The Holy Ghost for:

Asthma Effective
Bronchitis Effective
Cancer Effective
Cold (Common Cold) Effective
Flu (Influenza) Effective
Heart Disease Effective
Fever Effective