Rosemary Oil Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Rosemary Oil

Scientific Name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Common Names: Mozart Rosemary Oil, Rosemary

Properties: Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, Anti-cancer, Anti-viral, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, Antirheumatic, Analgesic, Stimulant

What is Rosemary Oil?

Rosemary oil is the essential oil extract from rosemary plant. It has practical uses in aromatherapy or as a product additive.

Rosemary Oil Health Uses and Health Benefits

Rosemary oil has plenty of health benefits and uses, which is why it’s becoming a popular ingredient added to many beauty and personal care products. Rosemary oil is considered to have a high concentration of antioxidant substances, similar to other popular antioxidant foods like goji berries.1

One of the substances contained in rosemary oil is carnosol, a polyphenol substance that has been studied for a variety of medicinal benefits. Carnosol appears to possess anti-cancer properties in fighting cancers like prostate, breast and skin. Carnosol in rosemary oil also has benefits for hormone regulation, regenerating nerves and tissues and reducing inflammation.1

In addition to its disease-fighting properties, rosemary oil also appears to have benefits for hair health. Applying rosemary oil to hair can help to heal and nourish the scalp, prevent hair loss and improve hair growth.1

Rosemary oil also has potential benefits for improving cognitive function, with its use as a memory enhancer dating back to Ancient Greeks. Rosemary oil used in aromatherapy appears to help stimulate brain activity and improve concentration levels, which leads to a greater ability to memorize and retain information. Similarly, rosemary oil used in aromatherapy helps to reduce stress levels, including lowering cortisol—the stress hormone.1,2

Other rosemary oil benefits include:

  • Boosting immune system
  • Providing natural pain relief
  • Clearing respiratory difficulties



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Rosemary Oil for:

Constipation Effective
Wrinkles Effective
Muscle Pain Effective
Scabies Effective
Acne Effective
Depression Effective
Indigestion Effective
Stress Effective