Salt and Warm Water Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Salt and Warm Water

Properties: Antibacterial, Antihistamine, Anti-viral, Anti-stress, Anti-microbial

What is Salt and Warm Water?

Salt is one of the world’s most common minerals and is a necessary ingredient in sustaining life. Salt is also known to be and effective natural remedy for treating and curing ailments, especially those in the mouth and nose. 4
There are two main types of salt although they’re both known by the basic chemical signature, NaCl. Salt is the combination of sodium and chloride. 4
Sea salt is a natural product that’s found in deposits left by ancient salt water seas. It contains vitamins, minerals and microorganisms that release into the body and are necessary for hormonal balance and fighting off bacteria. 4
Table salt is not natural and can be quite harmful if overused. Table salt is refined in an ionising process by taking natural salt and heating it to a high temperature that changes its chemical makeup to enhance long-term preservative capability. This removes almost all of sea salt’s nutritional health benefits. Table salt should be avoided as much as possible in the human diet. 4
Salt and Warm Water Health Uses and Health Benefits
Other than sea salt being an excellent taste and health additive to daily cooking, sea salt and warm water benefits include being an exceptional natural treatment for oral and nasal problems. 1,2,3,4
Most oral and nasal problems are created by an excess of bacteria that cause bacterial infections. Bacteria thrives in warm, wet, acidic environments and are naturally produced in the mouth and nose. A bacterial infection increases acidity and this promotes further bacteria breeding. Repeated oral rinses of sea salt and warm water reduce the acidity and create an alkaline situation that controls and kills bacteria. 4
Taking a sea salt and warm water gargle or rinse can cure many ailments. Common ailments of the mouth and nose easily treated by a solution of sea salt mixed in warm water are:

  • Abscessed Tooth - An abscess is an infection at the tooth’s root. Sea salt and warm water will reduce the discomfort and control the pain until the infection can be cured.
  • Laryngitis - The larynx is also called the “voice box”. Laryngitis is inflammation of the voice box that’s caused by either a virus or bacteria. Sea salt and warm water gargle for sore throat brings soothing relief to the pain and discomfort of laryngitis.
  • Sore Throat - A throat can be sore for many different reasons but it always comes with a nasty feeling that can be relieved by a simple mixture of sea salt and warm water. Use a sea salt and water rinse to treat sore throat.
  • Cough - Repeated coughing normally come from a respiratory problem that causes the throat muscles to contract as if trying to expel contaminants from the lungs. Gargling with salt and water usually brings quick relief to coughing bouts.
  • Congestion (Nasal Congestion) - Blockage of the nasal passages makes breathing difficult. This is often caused by a sinus infection which can be treated by injecting a salt-water mix into the nasal passages.

Salt and Warm Water Side Effects and Precautions
Sea salt and warm water is an isotonic solution. This means it contains the same salts and minerals that the human body does and in nearly equal concentrations. There are little to no side effects of a sea salt and warm water rinse, provided the rinse is spit out.4
Table salt is a different matter. Sea salt is not iodised and does not have the same danger of elevating blood pressure and contributing to heart disease that table salt does. Because salt is water soluble, any excessive amount is naturally expelled from the body during urination. As in all things, salt consumption should be done in moderation.




CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Salt and Warm Water for:

Laryngitis Effective
Sore Throat Effective
Cough Effective