Shark Derivatives Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Shark Derivatives

Properties: Anti-cancer, Anti-inflammatory, Wound-healing

What is Shark Derivatives?

Shark derivatives are substances that come from different parts of various shark species, including spiny dogfish sharks, hammerhead sharks and tiger sharks. Shark derivatives are harvested from sharks and include substances like shark cartilage, fats called Alkylglycerols and a natural compound called Squalene.1,2

Shark Derivatives Health Uses and Health Benefits

Shark derivatives are used in some alternative medicine systems because of their natural immune-modulation and anticancer properties. Some species of sharks are highly resistant to infections and tumors. This is why shark derivatives from certain species can be used to boost human health. Shark derivatives are used for skin health, osteoporosis treatment, diabetes management and cancer prevention.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Shark Derivatives for:

Osteoporosis Effective
Psoriasis Effective
Arthritis Effective
Cancer Effective
Wounds Effective
Glaucoma Effective
Osteoarthritis Effective
Schizophrenia Effective