Shepherd's Purse Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Shepherd's Purse

Scientific Name: Capsella bursa-pastoris

Properties: Antibacterial, Anti-inflammatory, Astringent, Blood circulation

What is Shepherd's Purse?

Shepherd’s purse is the common name for the Capsella bursa-pastoris plant, an annual flowering plant grown around the world. Shepherd’s purse possesses therapeutic benefits and its leaves and seed oils are used in herbal medicines.1

Shepherd's Purse Health Uses and Health Benefits

Shepherd’s purse health benefits are anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and cardioprotective, stemming from the plant’s antioxidant substances. Traditionally, shepherd’s purse has been used as a diuretic for protecting the urinary tract and kidneys. It’s also been prescribed as a tonic for the circulatory system and for protecting heart health. Shepherd’s purse antimicrobial properties have shown positive effects on combatting bacterial infections like E. coli that cause urinary tract infections.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Shepherd's Purse for:

Diarrhea Effective
Cystitis Effective
Eyesight Loss Effective
Headache Effective
Poor Circulation Effective