Storax Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses


Scientific Name: Levant storax, Liquidambar orientalis

Common Names: Storax Balsam, Liquid Storax, Black Storax, Su He Xiang, Levant styrax

Properties: Relaxant, Pain reliever, Antiseptic, Expectorant

What is Storax?

Storax is a liquid resin taken from storax shrubs, a genus of about 130 different species of plants that produce resins and essential oils for medicinal uses. The type that’s most well-known is called Levant storax, which comes from the Liquidambar orientalis tree native to Eastern Europe and Western Asia.1

Storax Health Uses and Health Benefits

Storax resin health benefits are primarily associated with being a natural antiseptic and analgesic. Traditionally, storax resin has been used as a topical treatment for disinfecting wounds and alleviating pain. Storax resin is also traditionally used to treat scabies, ulcers and parasitic infections. It can also be inhaled to help alleviate congestion.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Storax for:

Diarrhea Effective
Epilepsy Effective
Cold (Common Cold) Effective
Cough Effective
Pain, Chronic Effective
Dysentery Effective
Cancer Effective
Scabies Effective
Sore Throat Effective
Wounds Effective