Vitamin B5 Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Vitamin B5

Scientific Name: Pantothenic acid

Common Names: Pantothenic Acid

Properties: Immune system booster, Anti-ageing, Anti-stress, Skin-care

What is Vitamin B5?

Vitamin B5, also known as pantothenic acid, is one of eight vitamins that are part of the B-complex group. As an essential vitamin, the body cannot produce vitamin B5 on its own and must obtain it from food sources. Vitamin B5 is water-soluble and can be found in foods like organ meats, eggs, beans and legumes.1

Vitamin B5 Health Uses and Health Benefits

Vitamin B5 is an essential vitamin and has many important benefits for maintaining healthy body functions. Like all B vitamins, vitamin B5 is responsible for converting food into fuel for the body to use. Adhering to a poor diet that's deficient in vitamin B5 sources can produce symptoms of vitamin B5 deficiency.1 

Without enough vitamin B5 you may feel fatigued, depressed and irritable and may also suffer from insomnia. People with vitamin B-complex deficiencies also tend to suffer from migraine headaches. A vitamin B5 deficiency can also cause muscle cramps, stomach pain and may make you more susceptible to upper respiratory infections as your immune system becomes weakened.1,2

By following a diet high in vitamin B5, you can reap important health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health through regulation of bad cholesterol and reduced triglyceride levels. Vitamin B5 also helps improve hemoglobin count and indirectly helps prevent and reverse amenia (iron deficiency).1

Other vitamin B5 benefits include:

  • Regulating healthy nerve function between the brain, spinal cord, muscles and organs
  • Boosting concentration and focus
  • Managing adrenal function and regulating stress hormones
  • Boosting skin health and promoting wound healing
  • Treating rheumatoid arthritis symptoms like joint pain and stiffness



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Vitamin B5 for:

Triglycerides Effective
Asthma Effective
Wounds Effective
Acne Effective
Liver Disease Effective
Cystitis Effective