White Vinegar and Water Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

White Vinegar and Water

Properties: Anti-fungal, Antioxidant, Antiseptic, Anti-microbial, Disinfectant

What is White Vinegar and Water?

White vinegar and water is a home remedy used for versatile purposes. These ingredients can be combined together to make a natural cleaning agent, or they can be used topically or taken internally for health.1,2 

White Vinegar and Water Health Uses and Health Benefits

White vinegar and water health benefits include being a natural antimicrobial and antibacterial remedy traditionally used as a disinfectant. White vinegar is made through a fermentation process, which results in it containing beneficial bacteria for better gut health. White vinegar and water is a natural anti-glycemic solution for managing diabetes. White vinegar and water is also an antioxidant remedy that’s good for heart health by reducing bad cholesterol levels.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends White Vinegar and Water for:

Dandruff Effective
Obesity Effective
Ringworm Effective
Itching Effective
Lice Infestation Effective
Burns Effective
Diabetes Effective
Ear Infection Effective
Warts Effective
Weight Loss Effective
Fungal Infection Effective