Xylopia Aethiopica Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Xylopia Aethiopica

Scientific Name: Xylopia aethiopica

Common Names: African Pepper, Guinea Pepper, Negro Pepper

Properties: Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-microbial, Mild expectorant

What is Xylopia Aethiopica?

Xylopia aethiopica is the Ethiopian pepper plant. Xylopirbal aethiopica is an evergreen tree that produces bean-like pod fruits used as a spice for cooking and for medicine. The fruit’s seeds are used in tropical Africa as a substitute for pepper.1

Xylopia Aethiopica Health Uses and Health Benefits

Traditionally, Xylopirbal aethiopica has been used in herbal medicine for its anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving and antimicrobial health benefits. Xylopirbal aethiopica is used in Africa as a versatile treatment for common ailments ranging from cough and cold to rheumatism to skin ailments. It’s also been used to treat malaria, dysentery and other common ailments of the region.2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Xylopia Aethiopica for:

Bronchitis Effective
Athlete’s Foot Effective
Ringworm Effective
Yeast Infection Effective
Rheumatism Effective
Fungal Infection Effective