Geranium Oil Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Geranium Oil

Scientific Name: Geranium dissectum

Properties: Anti-fungal, Antibacterial, Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Astringent

What is Geranium Oil?

Geranium oil is the essential oil extract from the geranium plant’s flowers, leaves and stems. Geranium oil can be extracted from a range of geranium varieties. As a sweet-scented oil, geranium oil is commonly used in aromatherapy, a form of holistic healing that uses plant extracts for improving health.1

Geranium Oil Health Uses and Health Benefits

Geranium oil’s primary benefits are for skin in moisturizing and repairing dry and damaged skin. Geranium oil’s sweet, floral scent is also a mood lifter, helping to relieve stress and anxiety and even address depression symptoms. Geranium oil also fights infections caused by several types of bacteria and fungi and can be applied to skin wounds.1,2



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Geranium Oil for:

Depression Effective
Stress Effective
Scars Effective
Fungal Infection Effective
Cancer Effective