Silver Birch Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Silver Birch

Scientific Name: Betula pendula

Common Names: Warty Birch

Properties: Diuretic, Detoxifier, Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic, Astringent, Immune stimulant

What is Silver Birch?

Silver birch is the Betula pendula tree, also known as European white birch. Silver birch is native to Europe and Asia. The silver birch bark and leaves have both been used traditionally in herbal medicine to help treat a variety of conditions.1,2

Silver Birch Health Uses and Health Benefits

The primary health benefits associated with silver birch are its anti-inflammatory properties. Because of this, silver birch can help treat inflammatory skin conditions like eczema as well as joint inflammation from various arthritic conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis. Taking silver birch as an herbal tea or tonic can also help to regulate and boost the immune system to help prevent against infection.3



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Silver Birch for:

Arthritis Effective
Acne Effective
Joint Pain Effective
Osteoporosis Effective
Liver Disease Effective
Wounds Effective
Edema Effective
Cystitis Effective