Verbena Hastata Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Verbena Hastata

Scientific Name: Verbena Hastata

Common Names: Blue Vervain, American vervain, Swamp Verbena

Properties: Antibacterial, Antidepressant, Antispasmodic, Antirheumatic

What is Verbena Hastata?

Verbena hastata is also known as the American Blue Vervain plant. Native to eastern areas of North America, verbena hastata leaves and flowers have been traditionally used to make herbal medicines.1,2

Verbena Hastata Health Uses and Health Benefits

Verbena haststa contains unique plant compounds that give it a variety of health benefits. Verbena hastata is an anti-inflammatory that can help reduce chronic inflammation and relief pain. Verbena hastata also has natural sedative properties for easing anxiety, insomnia and seizures. It’s also shown to help protect against heart disease because it can help reduce the risk of arterial blockages. Verbena hastata is also a natural antimicrobial plant that can help combat certain infection types.2




CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Verbena Hastata for:

Arthritis Effective
Bronchitis Effective
Cold (Common Cold) Effective
Cough Effective
Depression Effective
Gout Effective
Menstrual Problems Effective
Parasitic Disease Effective
Stress Effective