Bergamot Oil Health Benefits, Properties, and Uses

Bergamot Oil

Scientific Name: Citrus bergamia

Common Names: Scarlet Beebalm Oil, Crimson Beebalm Oil

Properties: Antibiotic, Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Sedative, Antispasmodic, Analgesic

What is Bergamot Oil?

Bergamot oil is the essential oil extract from the bergamot plant, a plant that produces bergamot citrus fruits that are a hybrid between an orange and a lemon. Bergamot oil is used in aromatherapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine and is added to cosmetic products as well as black tea.1

Bergamot Oil Health Uses and Health Benefits

Bergamot oil is used in aromatherapy for its soothing health benefits. It’s used to treat alleviate symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress. Because bergamot oil is soothing, it’s also used to help lower blood pressure and balance hormone production. The added benefit of this is that bergamot oil can also help improve digestive health, as metabolic rates improve when the body is balanced hormonally.1



CuresDecoded worldwide community recommends Bergamot Oil for:

Headache Effective
Folliculitis Effective
Constipation Effective
Depression Effective
Scars Effective
Fever Effective